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My son made somewhat of an about-face-turn...


Thanks for the email. My son made somewhat of an about-face-turn a couple of months ago. Things aren't always perfect everyday, but he seems to have really grown. My being patient & truly listening seemed to make him respect me more. He has made a lot of promises that I intend to help him keep. He promises to do much better in school his last two years. He has some making up to do. But I have no doubt he will pull through.

I allowed the purchase of another vehicle, a 1996 Mustang, as he thought he had a job, through a friend of his, but the job didn't happen. He knows I can't afford another vehicle 100% & his dad doesn't help a whole lot, so I try to keep him positive in continuing in his job search. His part in it will be to repay me half, $2000. I work about 45 minutes from home, so another vehicle really was needed when he does find one. And too, I figured it would give him something to appreciate since he seems to be making wiser choices.

The other night the two of us watched the movie "Life As A House". It is rated R, but at almost 17, I thought he would be able to relate to it quite well. I think it really made him think a bit. I think this movie has a great message.

I think the most difficult thing for me, as somewhat of a co-dependant person, I worked at this for years, was to let him take those risks & chances that he wanted & needed to take on his own. In turn, as he has shown more respect & maturity, he gains more independence.

Thank you for your help & support. Thank you for your continued e-mails. There were days that it did & still does keep me motivated. Thank you for caring about all of our children. They are our Nation’s future.

And with that said, I hope my 13 year old son doesn't give me as much grief. But if he does, maybe I will be all the wiser.

Thank you,


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