U.S. Boarding Schools: Alabama to Georgia

Boarding Schools in Alabama--

Indian Springs School
Indian Springs School has a special part to play in independent education. The cornerstones of the Indian Springs experience are academic excellence, the friendliness and personalization that come with thinking small, a sense of open-mindedness that derives from genuine diversity, and a commitment to cultivating good citizenship.

Lyman Ward Military Academy
While military schools mean different things to different people, Lyman Ward's purpose is simple. LWMA is a boy's military boarding school of tradition and distinction that has provided students from around the world with a quality military prep school experience and outstanding character education since 1898.

Marion Military Institute
The Prep school program is 4 years of academic work designed to prepare cadets for college. Marion Military Institute's Prep school program is separate and distinct from our college program and School of Service Academy Preparation (SAP) Program. Cadets who successfully complete academic work for grades 9-12 are awarded a high school diploma.

St. Bernard Preparatory
Accredited by The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, St. Bernard Prep is a co-ed Catholic boarding and day school for grades 9-12. For over a century St. Bernard has been providing a quality education to generations of students.

Boarding Schools in Arizona--

Copper Canyon Academy  border=
Copper Canyon, in Rimrock, Arizona, is a boarding school for girls ages 13-17 that are in need of a structured therapeutic environment. The program offers a warm, nurturing environment that promotes emotional and academic growth for every student. The staff at Copper Canyon Academy is comprised of well-trained professionals working with adolescents. Copper Canyon Academy boarding school for girls assists families and gives them the reassurance that there is a wonderful future ahead for their child and family. We truly believe combining a warm, caring, structured environment allows students to progress to their fullest potential.

Orme School
The Orme School is a unique community for teachers and students who share a passion for academic excellence, outdoor adventure, and personal challenge. The Orme School mission is based upon the values of Tradition, Excellence, and Character.

Southwestern Academy
Southwestern Academy offers a warm, friendly, safe and supportive environment for boys and girls to grow toward success. Founded in 1924, Southwestern is an accredited, not-for-profit, independent school offering classes for grades six through high school with a thorough college preparatory program affording students personal attention to prepare them for universities and for life.

Spring Ridge Academy
Spring Ridge Academy offers high school women a choice for change and an opportunity to redirect their lives. The catalyst for creating this change is a powerful, affirmative program that creates confidence and competence in core areas: emotional, physical, academic, community, and family. At Spring Ridge Academy, students confront and master the self-limiting beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors separating them from success. Low self-esteem, social inappropriateness, poor school performance – these are challenges to be managed, not immovable roadblocks.

St. Paul's Academy
St. Paul's Preparatory Academy motivates young men to succeed in a challenging academic environment that inspires character development, leadership, and spiritual awareness.

Sun Valley Indian School
Sun Valley Indian School provides a clean, warm, and safe boarding school environment, where our children live under the loving and prayerful care of dedicated dorm parents. The college preparatory program allows our children to participate in a wide variety of foundational classes: science, literature, math, English, physical education, Bible, history and art.

The Fenster School
Fenster’s college prep curriculum offers students the opportunity to take courses for high school and college credit. Earning college credit while in high school gives Fenster students the opportunity to begin college with some educational requirements already met.

Verde Valley School
A school is many things, but first and last it ought to be a place where young people learn how to think for themselves. At Verde Valley School a genuinely educated person is not simply one who has attained impressive academic and professional success. At VVS, citizenship and courage and a commitment to the improvement of the world are our standards.

Boarding Schools in Arkansas--

Arkansas Baptist Children's Homes
Under the Lordship of Jesus Christ the Mission of ABCHomes is to accept, believe in and care for children and families in crisis.

Subiaco Academy
Subiaco Academy, a boarding/day high school, is dedicated to providing young men with the opportunity for a college preparatory education in a stable and structured environment nourished by Christian values.

Boarding Schools in California--

Academy of the Sierras  border=
Academy of the Sierras, a Healthy Living Academy, is the first therapeutic boarding school for overweight teens ages 13-18. It is a place where teens struggling with their weight are able to turn their lives around. The Clinical Director and the Members of the Advisory Board of Healthy Living Academies are among the world's leading experts in weight loss. Centrally located in the California countryside and in close proximity to three national parks, Academy of the Sierras provides an ideal environment for teens to learn and adopt an active, healthy lifestyle.

Army and Navy Academy
At the Army and Navy Academy, cadets cultivate strength of character, individual excellence, and responsible leadership, and upon graduation, they are prepared to lead lives of academic, personal, and professional achievement. Young men realize their potential through academic, extracurricular, and leadership programs that create a well-rounded learning experience.

California Assoc of Independent Schools (CAIS)
The California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS) is a non-profit organization of 185 elementary, middle and secondary schools in California. The Association serves and strengthens its schools by setting standards of academic quality and ethical conduct, by providing for the professional growth of faculty, administrators, and trustees, and by promoting ethnic and socio-economic diversity.

Cate School
In 1910, Curtis Cate founded what is now Cate School. Today's Cate School is a testament to spirit and to the commitment to service, scholarship, and character which continues to underlie all of our aspirations.

Dunn School
As a college preparatory school with a focus on cultivating scholarship, leadership, teamwork, and compassion amongst its students, Dunn School is committed to a broad program of academics, athletics, arts, outdoor education, and community service within a diverse community of students, faculty, and staff.

Excel Charter Academy
Excel Charter Academy is the newest charter middle school in the PUC family. Excel Charter Academy holds the distinction of being the 100th charter school authorized by LAUSD. In that LAUSD has now authorized more charter schools than any other district in California, a huge celebration took place following Excel's petition approval.

Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy
Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy's mission is to educate young women in a holistic college preparatory program, where their unique gifts are viewed as essential for our world, where they are nurtured by a vibrant community of faith and where truth and love are the highest values.

Happy Valley School
The Happy Valley School philosophy is drawn from the vision of our founders, who believed that the environment which encourages the fullest development of student potential is one that affords the opportunity to explore creative as well as intellectual abilities. We believe in working together in a spirit of cooperation, not conformity, seeking to cultivate and express what is excellent in each.

Idyllwild Arts Academy
Idyllwild's existence, not to mention its spectacular location, is due to the vision of its founders, Dr. Max Krone and his wife Beatrice. Their goal- "to promote and advance artistic and cultural development"- was realized with Idyllwild Arts Academy, the first independent boarding high school for the arts in the Western U.S.

Julian Youth Academy
All girls residential boarding school in California helping troubled teen girls through firm but loving intervention.

Midland School
Midland School strives to provide a unique college preparatory boarding school experience to a diverse student body at relatively low cost. Through study and work, it teaches the value of a lifetime of learning, self-reliance, simplicity, responsibility to community and the environment, and love for the outdoors.

Monte Vista Christian School
Monte Vista Christian School is not just a school, but an exciting journey; one that will endure for a lifetime. A well-qualified faculty, excellent curriculum and a healthy, picturesque environment will enhance every student's experience.

Ojai Valley School
The philosophy of Ojai Valley School is contained in the motto "Integer Vitae," meaning wholeness of life, symmetry of life, soundness of life, and, therefore, poise and strength of life. To accommodate this school philosophy, every effort is made to create an atmosphere for students and faculty that is conducive to learning and growing through the framework of a warm family environment.

Rio Lindo Adventist Academy
Rio Lindo Adventist Academy offers an accredited, coeducational, Christian education with the mission "to provide the highest quality, private education, in the state of California, within a nurturing, Christian environment."

San Domenico School
San Domenico School continues its 152 year history of offering challenging college preparatory educational opportunities to students of all faiths and backgrounds. Known for its high standards as an institution and its values-based education, the school is sponsored by the Dominican Sisters of San Rafael operating with full accreditation.

Santa Catalina School
Santa Catalina School, an independent accredited Catholic school founded in 1950, is somewhat unique in its configuration within the realm of independent schools. The thirty-six acre campus, just three miles from the center of Monterey, is home to both a coeducational day lower school (Preschool-Grade 8) with 268 students and an all-girls resident and day upper school (Grades 9-12) with 299 students.

Southwestern Academy
Southwestern Academy offers a warm, friendly, safe and supportive environment for boys and girls to grow toward success. Founded in 1924, Southwestern is an accredited, not-for-profit, independent school offering classes for grades six through high school with a thorough college preparatory program affording students personal attention to prepare them for universities and for life.

Squaw Valley Academy
Squaw Valley Academy is a California 6th-12th grade boarding school and day school founded in 1978 to offer a combination of college preparatory learning, outdoor education, and sports opportunities in the scenic California High Sierra at Lake Tahoe. SVA offers strong preparation for college as its central focus and many outdoor sports and activities as a catalyst for personal growth and achievement.

St. Catherine's Military Academy
St. Catherine's, a Catholic school with a military tradition, academic program strives for excellence with caring and supportive teachers experienced in working with boys in a structured environment. St. Catherine's dormitory staff offers boys an environment that allows them to feel secure and cared for as well as provides an experience that fosters rich, lifelong relationships with their peers.

St. Catherine's Military Academy
St. Catherine's is the only Catholic, international, military boarding school for grades K-8 in the U.S. For more than 100 years we have provided excellence in education in a nurturing and safe environment, instilling pride and self discipline in our cadets. Our graduates go on to the finest college prep schools in the country.

Stevenson School
Students at Stevenson have the responsibility to prepare for the college years by sharpening the mind, expanding academic knowledge, and stretching intellectual reach; love the arts, nature, recreation, and friends: and to respect yourself, and respect everyone else whose life touches yours.

The Athenian School
Athenian provides an engaging, challenging education on this beautiful 75-acre campus at the base of Mt. Diablo near San Francisco in Northern California. Class size averages fifteen students, and virtually 100% of our graduates gain admission to outstanding four-year colleges. Athenian prepares a talented and diverse student body for the rigors of college and for a life of purpose and personal fulfillment.

The Oak Grove School
The intent of the Oak Grove School is for students to develop the skills necessary to function in society, and at the same time to develop a foundation for inquiry into perennial questions of human life. Consistent with the views of its founder, the school does not subscribe to any creed or ideology. Rather, it assists students in the open-minded investigation of enduring human issues.

The Thacher School
The Thacher School is a coeducational boarding high school located 85 miles north of Los Angeles. The School serves academically talented students who will benefit from a rigorous college preparatory experience. The faculty and students live and work closely together in a community in which cooperation, trust, honesty, and respect are the cornerstones of school life.

The Webb Schools
The mission of Webb Schools is to provide a superior academic, athletic, and residential experience within the unique context of a coordinate school structure by offering the full benefit of living and learning in a diverse and supportive community. Principles and traditions of honor and leadership are reinforced through a climate of mutual trust, responsible and caring behavior, service to the school and the community, support of personal development and self-worth, and a strong appreciation of the common good.

Villanova Preparatory School
In the Augustinian tradition, Villanova Preparatory School’s mission is to graduate mature young adults of diverse backgrounds who express to the world the qualities of love, truth and community.

Woodside Priory
What is a good education? A standard answer but an incomplete one is "highly qualified teachers, a rigorous curriculum, and evidence that the students learned their lessons well." A Woodside Priory education offers students three additional components: a discovery of personal ethics, a commitment to his or her community, and an informed sense of direction in his or her life.

Boarding Schools in Colorado--

Association of Colorado Independent Schools
The Association of Colorado Independent Schools accredits, supports, and promotes independent schools in Colorado in a way that respects each school's mission and fosters excellence in teaching and learning. Independent schools vary widely in emphasis, style, extracurricular offerings, and academic expectations and experiences.

Colorado Rocky Mountain School
For 50 years, Colorado Rocky Mountain School has educated the whole child. Within their balanced program of college-preparatory academics, arts, community service, and athletics, students are prepared for college — and for life.

Colorado Timberline Academy
Colorado Timberline Academy is a non-profit, college and outdoor oriented, co-educational, secondary boarding school dedicated to the enrichment and growth of each of its members in a community mountain setting. CTA strives to create academic and personal development by fostering individuality, freedom with responsibility, creativity, respect for the outdoors and global awareness.

Excel Academy
Excel focuses on providing a learning environment for gifted and talented students; not only because such an environment is sorely needed in the community but because it provides an expectation for all students to achieve regardless of their native abilities.

Fountain Valley School
Fountain Valley School is an independent, coeducational, college-preparatory, boarding and day school located just outside of Colorado Springs, Colorado. The panoramas of open prairie and snow-capped mountains are a continual source of personal inspiration, as well as a reminder of the opportunities and responsibilities that lie beyond the School's boundaries.

Lowell Whiteman School
Lowell Whiteman school is a small, independent, co-educational secondary school for boarding and day students who wish to complement a college preparatory liberal arts curriculum with the excitement of wilderness and world explorations. High quality teaching, low student to teacher ratios, and supervised study are the cornerstones of the scholastic program.

Monarch Center for Family Healing
Monarch Center for Family Healing is a wilderness therapy program and teen treatment center that provides help for youths and troubled teens between the ages of 10 and 18 that are struggling with their relationships with parents, friends, teachers, etc., delinquency, substance abuse, poor school performance, legal problems, etc.

Boarding Schools in Connecticut--

Canterbury School
Canterbury is a college preparatory, coeducational boarding school for students in grades 9-12. The School prides itself on creating a community based on Catholic values. The School's educational environment fosters academic rigor, athletic development, artistic enrichment and spiritual growth.

Glenholme School
The Glenholme School is a family choice boarding school for children with special needs situated on over 100 idyllic acres of Connecticut countryside. Children ages 10 to 18, at admission, who need a highly structured learning environment can prosper in this safe, nurturing school. It provides a value-based program to show students the way to academic success.

Kent School
Students at Kent are part of a dynamic community of learning. Through a challenging academic program, with instruction provided by our talented faculty, Kent's strong college preparatory curriculum provides a classical liberal arts education, preparing students to go on to study at leading colleges and universities.

Marianapolis Preparatory School
Marianapolis Preparatory School offers a rigorous program of studies comprised of honors and Advanced Placement courses, an average class size of 13, state-of-the-art technology labs, and a comprehensive advisor system. Marianapolis also boasts competitive athletic teams and an extensive visual and performing arts program.

Miss Porter's School
Miss Porter's School excels at preparing young women for college, for leadership, and for life. Their attentive, diverse boarding and day community provides a demanding curriculum — academic, artistic, athletic, and residential. They challenge their students to become informed, bold, resourceful, and ethical global citizens. They expect their graduates to shape a changing world.

Pomfret School
Pomfret School maintains rigorous academic standards and holds high expectations of its students and faculty. The Pomfret community fosters an intellectual freedom that requires academic discipline and creates opportunities for hard work and play. A Pomfret education is not just the acquisition of information or learning other people's ideas, but it is also the process of growing as a person and as part of a community.

Saint Thomas More School
Saint Thomas More School is an accredited college preparatory boarding school in the Catholic tradition for young men who have demonstrated intellectual ability yet have not realized their potential. Within a structured environment, we strive to motivate, nurture, and strengthen the intellectual, moral, physical, and social development of every student.

Salisbury School
The mission of Salisbury School is to educate young men by inspiring in each student an enthusiasm for learning and the self-confidence needed for intellectual, spiritual, physical, and moral development. The close partnership of student and teacher encourages each young man to take pride in his accomplishments, to think critically and creatively, to participate actively in his own education, and to make responsible decisions for his future.

South Kent School
Three principles define South Kent School: Simplicity of Life, Self-Reliance, and Directness of Purpose. South Kent School fosters these principles in a community, small in numbers, that provides a safe and supportive family structure.

The Ethel Walker School
The Ethel Walker School, founded in 1911, is an independent, college preparatory boarding and day school for girls in grades 6 to 12. This diverse community of learners and friends strives to live according to the values of honor and excellence. Each young woman finds her unique voice and learns to contribute it to the pursuit of these values.

The Grove School
The Grove School is a therapeutic boarding school for emotionally fragile teenagers. The Grove School is designed to meet the needs of adolescent boys and girls (11 years of age and older) with average or above average intelligence, who have been unsuccessful in making a satisfactory adjustment in their homes, in their schools, or in their social relationships.

Boarding Schools in Delaware--

Cedars Academy  border=
The Cedars Academy is a co-educational private preparatory school for students ages 10-18 who demonstrate a need for enhanced academic and social skill development. Our philosophy is that our students can develop stronger academic skills, and will benefit from a more secure and well-developed self-esteem. The program at Cedars is based upon our understanding of the comprehensive nature of the learning problems characteristic of the student we enroll, many who have been classified as having learning disabilities or ADHD. These students tend to encounter difficulties in the classroom, with peers, and among the family because they process and perceive information differently than others. Traditional educational methods have put these students in a situation where failure is guaranteed. We offer a structured education in an intimate academic environment with small class sizes and individual attention. The academic curriculum at Cedars is designed to prepare students for a college-bound course throughout their studies. The faculty at Cedars teach that making an effort to work at each step, as best one can, is the way to be successful.

Saint Andrew's School
The purpose of St. Andrew's School is to provide secondary education of a definitely Christian character at a minimum cost consistent with modern equipment and highest standards. As an Episcopal School, St. Andrew's is grounded in and upheld by our Episcopal identity, welcoming persons regardless of their religious background.

Boarding Schools in District of Columbia--

Universal Ballet Academy
The Universal Ballet Academy is a place where students work together to realize their potential in their art - classical ballet. They push their limits and make new friends for life. Our staff is always there trying to help every step of the way. Students participate in the development and structuring of activities, events and excursions by joining planning committees of their choice.

Boarding Schools in Florida--

Admiral Farragut Academy
The Academy is America's first preparatory school with Naval training. It is an independent coeducational day and boarding school (both 5 & 7 day boarding) that has earned the title of Honor Naval School through our Naval Junior ROTC program. Student population is made up of grades Pre-Kindergarten through 12.

All Saints' Episcopal School
All Saints' Episcopal School in historic Vicksburg, Mississippi exists to nurture the gifts that make your child unique. Through highly individualized attention, we can help your child to succeed in the classroom like never before, which is the surest way for your child to reach his or her potential in college and beyond.

Montverde Academy
Montverde Academy, located in Montverde, Florida (just outside of Orlando), is an independent, coeducational boarding and day school, offering an enriching day and boarding program for seventh grade through 12th grade. The three principles of knowledge, character, and community have guided five generations of Montverde Academy students since the school was established in 1912.

Saint Andrew's School
Saint Andrew's School alumni will be healthy, responsible, and accomplished individuals of honor, integrity, and respect, who have achieved academic excellence. The school continues to cultivate a morally courageous community of learners who seek and find the best of the human spirit in themselves and others.

The Bolles School
The Bolles School prepares students for college and life by inspiring achievement, integrity, confidence, and compassion in an academic community dedicated to nurturing mind, body, and soul. Accordingly, Bolles provides an unequaled breadth of opportunities and experiences which enable every student to optimize his or her unique interests, abilities, and talents.

The North Broward Preparatory Schools
A Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and Florida Council of Independent Schools (FCIS) accredited college-preparatory independent school of 2,100 students in grades PK-12 serving the Palm Beach and Broward Counties of Southern Florida since 1957.

Vanguard School
The mission of the Vanguard School is to provide an individualized program in a nurturing environment which enables students to develop to their fullest capabilities: Academically, Socially and Personally.

Boarding Schools in Georgia--

Brandon Hall
Brandon Hall provides both one-on-one and small group college preparatory classes for students who, for a variety of reasons, have not been achieving their potential. Emphasizing personal attention, organization, structure, accountability, the ordering of priorities, applied study skills, and multi-sensory instruction, the school seeks to motivate each student to fulfill the school’s motto, ad renovandum ac florendum, to begin anew and flourish.

Brenau Academy
Brenau Academy was founded in 1928 on the campus of Brenau Women's College by Dr. H.J. Pearce, who saw a need to provide exemplary secondary education to young women. Brenau Academy's program is designed to foster the growth of an open and inquiring mind and to prepare graduates for admission to college.

Darlington School
Darlington School, an independent, coeducational, college preparatory school, serves high school-aged boarders and day students in pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade.

Hidden Lake Academy
Hidden Lake Academy's mission is to provide a learning experience for students that have not succeeded academically or socially in other settings. They address the development of a whole child. They facilitate intellectual development through academic challenge and support; emotional and social growth through supportive group therapy; spiritual insight through a variety of inspirational opportunities; and physical development through recreational and wilderness based experiences.

Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School
Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School's mission is to create an environment of order, truth, caring, and concern where the students of diverse economic and cultural backgrounds learn to live together with new understanding, and prepare for college by beginning the habit of life long learning, and personal and spiritual development.

Riverside Military Academy
Riverside Military Academy, one of the nation’s finest college preparatory academies for young men in grades seven through twelve, strives to provide a supportive and challenging educational environment that fosters scholarly competence and intellectual curiosity, enhances spiritual and physical fitness, and develops leadership skills and the strength of character necessary for success in college and in life.

Tallulah Falls School
At Tallulah Falls School the quality of the academic program and the academic success of students are priorities that form the foundation for the School. A dedicated and highly qualified faculty, outstanding facilities, a broad and challenging curriculum, small classes, and eager, motivated students all contribute to the accomplishment of academic goals.

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